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The Site Survey

Before inspecting the current roofing system, GOCO Services thought that the best option would be to use a cold-applied liquid coating. However, after undergoing a full site survey, operatives concluded that, in this instance, it would not be a suitable route. Due to the logistics of this particular project, liquid coatings couldn’t be used, but we wanted to maintain our decision to steer clear from hot works.

When determining the best coating type, we kept in mind that the solution would need to be high performance and quick to install, while sticking to the ‘No Hot Works’ stance. After much consideration, we decided that DuoPlyTM EPDM membrane would be the best option. DuoPlyTM EPDM membrane is designed with a combination of EPDM lamination and a polyester reinforcement layer, which provides tear and puncture resistance.

The Installation Process

As the existing roofing system was both split and cracked, we needed to ensure that all health and safety mechanisms were in place before going ahead with the project. The current waterproofing was then cleaned to prepare for work to commence. To install the new DuoPly membrane, a spray adhesive was used, which was then completed by fitting a GRP trim around the edges. Lastly, the lead barge flashings were re-dressed on the roof.

In opting for installing the DuoPly membrane, our client can now have peace of mind that, thanks to the polyester lining, which acts as a cushioning layer, there will no longer be any abrasion problem. Moreover, as the system features tough fleece reinforcement, the roofing membrane will now have durable protection, even on rough substances.

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