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The Project Brief

After carrying out a site survey, the team concluded that Giromax RC would be the best roof coating system for this project. Encapsulation with GIROSIL® RC meant that the sheets would remain undisturbed and as no other sheets would need to be replaced, any additional costs could be eliminated. Due to the original sheets being asbestos-based, it was imperative for our team to carry out safe removal and stringent disposal protocols.

Along with the above, GOCO Services had also been asked to replace a range of existing rooflights. With age, the rooflights had started to accumulate cracks and splits, which means that the unit was lacking natural light.

To complete the refurbishment, GOCO Services installed a Ply Gene gutter lining systems. Ply Gene is a durable, thermoplastic, flexible and hard-wearing liner that can be made bespoke to the profile of the existing gutter. A number of the existing galvanised gutters had been showing signs of corrosion; this was then causing leaks at the joints. The gutter lining is non-bonded in design and thermally expands and contracts from the gutter substrate material.

Safety Precautions We Put In Place

Before GOCO Services could go ahead with any of the work, a number of health and safety mechanisms had to be put in place. This included a full five board walkway scaffolding system with an access tower to the roof area; we also attached a roof-mounted handrail to protect our operatives. The warehouse was then safety-netted below the roof; the nets are securely fixed to the roof purlins. In sections of the roofing where netting could not be installed, crash decks and air decks were installed.

Preparation & Project Scope

The roofing area needed to be deep cleaned before work could commence. To do this, firstly the GOCO Services team scraped off the heavily soiled areas, then used a low-pressure system to clean the rest of the residue. Measurements were also put in place to ensure that no contaminated water made it to the water system. All of the debris that came from the roof was collected in large red bags, which was then disposed of in the correct manner.

Our operatives then sprayed a sealer coat directly onto the roof and parapet walls. Any of the corroded fixings were treaded with Girosil SE. Once this step had been completed, the roofing system was then coated in a Girosil RC; readings were also taken to ensure adequate thickness. Once we had finished treating and coating the roofing systems, we then removed and replaced all of the rooflights.

The last part of this project consisted of the gutter cleaning, all of which had been done to industrial standard. The Ply Gene liner is manufactured specifically for this project, which means it comes with factory cut fold lines. By doing this, it guarantees a perfect fit inside the old ones. As it’s a seamless finish system, all that was left was the outlets to thermo weld.

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Unit A2 – Baird Court

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We pride ourselves on giving each of our client’s fantastic service, check out the amazing before and afters of this project. Our expertise and knowledge allowed us to ensure our client received the best finish to their roofing system.

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"We are thrilled with the outcome of our project; the GOCO Team were extremely professional and took the time to provide us with high-quality service. If you are looking to use GOCO, we can’t recommend them enough. Thanks so much guys!"