Metal is one of the most popular forms of roofing systems, providing properties with exceptional benefits such as energy efficiency and being aesthetically pleasing. However, as it is with any form of cladding or roofing, metal requires a level of protection to ensure that it works effectively. Metal roof protective coatings are an essential part of maintaining the appearance and safety of your commercial property. Along with this, there are several other benefits of applying a form of coating to your metal roofing system.

Metal Roof Protective Coatings: The Best Option For You

Roof coatings can help to enhance your roofing system, prevent fading and any other damage that may be caused through natural conditions. The main benefit of having a metal roof protective coating is that it prolongs the life of your roof, making it a cost-effective solution to future-proofing your property. While metal roofing comes with its own advantages, coatings provide a new level of protection that elevates these benefits. These benefits include the following:

Corrugated Metal Roof

Increases Roof Life

Regardless of whether your roof is ten years old or has just recently been installed by the GOCO team, a metal roof coating is ideal for helping to prolong the life of your roof. Without a roof coating, it allows damage to be caused by adverse weather conditions and unwanted guests. A roof coating adds a protective layer, meaning that even if your roof is already damaged, you can still prolong its life.

The industrial roof coatings available today have been developed with the ability to perform at a higher level in comparison to a coating that had been produced 20 years or so ago. While this does mean that newer coatings tend to be slightly more expensive than older formulas, it does mean that you are provided with a better form of roof protection. They have the ability to restore and protect the roof, safeguarding it against various elements that would cause it to rust or increase levels of damage over time.

Reduces Debris And Dirt Build-Up

Leaving debris, dirt and leaves festering on your roof comes alongside a whole host of health and safety issues. If precautions are not taken to reduce the risks associated with debris, then you could find yourself in amongst a lawsuit against an employee that has experienced an injury due to lack of safety. Some problems or damage that could occur include the following:

  • Falling debris or leaves onto pedestrians
  • Attracts pests and organic growth
  • Health problems of those inside the building
  • Increases risk of leaking
  • Dampness, which could cause cracking

While commercial roof cleaning will always be something you will need to have completed every now and then, roof coatings can actually diminish the likelihood of debris attaching itself to your roofing system. Contacting a professional to survey your roof, will ensure that problems are identified and resolved through repairs, rather than having to pay for a full replacement of the roof, which can be costly for a commercial property. GOCO specialises in roof coatings, maintenance and repairs, helping clients to resolve problems before they worsen into something more serious. Please feel free to contact the team for more information about our services, and book in for your site survey today.

Debris On Metal Roof

Protection From Rusting

Particularly with metal roofing, rust can be one of the biggest problems that you could face, and if left untreated, could cause further damage to your property, making what could be a simple and cost-effective job into an expensive project. A lot of rusting is caused by what is known as cut edge corrosion. Cut edge corrosion happens due to the manufacturing process, whereby the cladding is coated and then cut into sections ready to place onto your roof. This results in the edge of the cladding not having the sufficient coating that it requires to be protected from elements such as rusting. When weather attacks the roof, the edges of the cladding begin to corrode.

Leaving your roof to rust will cause your commercial property to look outdated, unkept and unappealing, making it vital to ensure that your roofing system keeps your business looking modern and clean. Metal roofing is one of the best forms of roofing protection, but it will require you to ensure that a coating keeps it looking pristine for years to come. With a metal coating, you can protect your cladding from cut edge corrosion, which will, therefore, mean that it will be less likely that you will need to make amendments and repairs on the roof in the future.

Further damage can be caused when leaving rust to continue on your metal roofing. For example, it can cause the cladding to welt away or crack, which will, therefore, causing your roof to leak. Specialist coatings such as Giromax can provide you with a form of protection for you roofing, and can even help to repair cut edge corrosion that has already formed on the roof. Sharmans roof coating systems are also extremely effective for metal cladding, helping you to future proof your property.

Cut Edge Corrosion On Metal Roof

Easy And Affordable Repairs

Metal roof coatings can be installed onto your property whenever is best suited to you, ensuring that downtime is minimal. Some roof coatings are non-toxic, meaning that you and your employees can continue to work inside the building while the coating process is underway. This makes them an easy solution for various commercial properties, particularly compared to a full refurbishment.

Much like any repair on a commercial property, it is considerably cheaper than having a full replacement. Due to the coatings ability to protect the roofing system, it means that you are considerably less likely to have to replace the roofing system as it grows older. The coating will increase the lifespan on your roof, making it an affordable option both in the present and future.

Increases Efficiency

According to an article published by Roofing Magazine, the maintenance and energy-saving benefits could save you an estimated sum of around 25 per cent every year for a commercial property. Coatings have the ability to reduce and maintain heating within a property, ensuring that it doesn’t get too hot or cold. This is extremely beneficial for factories, where the product being made inside requires a set temperature.

The coatings ability to retain heat means that you can spend less on your energy bills during the winter, while its ability to keep the property cool, is ideal for during the warmer, summer months. This will automatically improve employee comfort levels and even morale, making your workspace more productive.

Repairing Metal Roofing

Environmental Challenges

Your roofing system, and any other cladding for that matter, can only withstand a certain amount of adverse weather. This will include heat which will cause the roof to crack, along with UV lighting causing the roof system to discolour and membranes on the surface to be worn down. All of these forms of damage will cause the property to age significantly, dulling its appearance as well as it not having efficient protection.

If you leave water on the roofing system, it could cause it to be weak and give way, which will cause a significant amount of damage to the interior of the property, which will most definitely make your commercial building unsafe to work in. Various environmental issues can cause stress on your roof, but can also be prevented through the protection of a metal roof coating. Environmental damage may include:

  • Sunlight/temperature variations

Constant direct sunlight can lead to roof degradation, which can accelerate chemical reactions that cause the roofing system to deteriorate by softening the components. Extreme weather changes can put stress on the roof due to the sudden and rapid expansion with can eventually lead to a fracture, and onto further, more serious damage.

  • Wind

Most commercial properties are tall buildings, which does, unfortunately, mean that it is subject to sudden bursts of wind. When roofing is exposed to wind, it can cause the materials to crack, or if there are any loose sheets of material, it can slide off the roof, causing danger to those below. Regular repairs can ensure that your roof is protected and less likely to experience damage if a strong gust of wind is to occur.

  • Moisture

Moisture is probably one of the most damaging forms of weather that we experience in the UK, as rain is a common occurrence. While rain can clean the surface of the roof, there are many ways in which rain can cause damage to your roofing system. Dampness causes mould and even cut edge corrosion while freezing water causes the materials to crack. Other forms of weather that could cause the roof to become damp includes hailstones and snow. Hailstones can damage the roof causing dents and scratches, which can, over time, cause cracking.

  • Biological growth

During more humid times of the year, biological growth accumulates, and it becomes even more important to ensure that you have protection and regular roof and gutter cleaning. Growth can cause dark stains on the metal or rusting to occur, but can easily be prevented through the use of a metal roof coating. You can find out more about the dangers of biological growth and all the other environmental impacts discussed on an report published by Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Snow On Metal Roofing

Waterproof Properties

The issues caused by the environment and weather that have previously been discussed can be eliminated through the use of a protective metal roof coating. This is because coatings are usually waterproof, which can help you to avoid a leaking roof. Protecting the exterior of the building with waterproof coatings ensures that whatever natural element is thrown at it won’t cause significant structural, exterior or interior damage.

Two of the most common forms of roof coatings are silicone and acrylic, both of which are extremely effective in protecting your roofing system. GOCO uses various different roofing coatings, and it will completely depend on your budget and what type of material that you have on your roofing system. The GOCO team will complete a site survey before undergoing projects, ensuring that the best coating is matched to your property; for more information or to book in your survey today, please feel free to contact the team.

Fire Resistant

Metal is a good conductor of heat, making it ideal to have as your roofing system. However, it will still need to be coated with a fire-resistant roof coating to ensure that it protects those working within it. The non-combustible elements of the metal roofing and its coating means that it can slow down fires in its tracks, making it easier and safer for people to evacuate the building if necessary. These properties will also protect the infrastructure of the building, meaning that if a fire were to occur, you would only have to book in for possible internal or external repairs rather than a full refurbishment.

Booking In Metal Coatings

GOCO specialises in roofing, cladding and gutter cleaning services offering clients exceptional services to improve the safety and quality of their commercial property. If you have metal roofing systems and would like to improve the appearance of your building, then the GOCO team are here to help. With extensive industry knowledge, our expert and professional team can identify issues and work out a repair and maintenance solution best suited to you.