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What GOCO Was Asked To Do

Additional retail space became available within the shopping centre itself for a Smyths Toystore, who were ready to move in, which meant the building need a full roof refurbishment. This was then bought forward from the initial project date, as our client wanted to coincide the work with their new tenants moving in.

Although the pitched metal roof was in relatively good structural condition, the sheets had started to delaminate rather badly. Delamination and coating failure can occur anywhere on cladding not just at the cut edges; signs that this has occurred are discolouration or when cracks and blisters can be seen on a top layer. Harsh UV rays lead to fading and can make cladding coating hard and brittle. Over time the UV rays will reduce the protection offered by the manufacturers original coating. The lack of flexibility hinders the expansion of the underlying metal leading to delamination. With the mild steel of the sheet exposed, the sheets will corrode and if not treated in time can lead to a costly re-roofing situation.

GOCO Services carried out a full gutter refurbishment on the building recently, with this being the case, we chose to use the same manufacturer to ensure continuity throughout the entirety of the project.

Preparation & Project Scope

To ensure the property had the right protection, we decided to go for a GIROSIL coating. It is a silicone hybrid coating system that reinstates long term protection to profiled metal sheets. Below are a number of benefits the GIROSIL system protects against:

  • Highly UV resistant and temperature from -100°C to +250°C
  • Remains flexible and can easily accommodate sheet movement
  • Repels water, preventing moisture from laying on the surface
  • Will not sacrificially erode
  • Is solvent-free, releasing no VOC emissions
  • Incorporates laminar flake, offering matchless corrosion control

Once we had thoroughly cleaned the roofing area using a jet wash, we prepped in line with the manufacturer specification for the product; it was then applied using a spraying system. During this process, GOCO Services were asked to form 20 new penetrations in the roof area for new heating, ventilation and soil pipes. A flat plate was then installed from the ridge down to correctly waterproof the penetrations.
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Project Gallery Pictures

Our team worked exceptionally hard on this project to ensure the perfect finish for our client. Check out the amazing before and afters!

What Our Clients Have To Say

"The roof looked fantastic after GOCO Services had finished with and we also have a 20 year guarantee with the coating system that was applied, so we know that it will last. "