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What GOCO Were Asked To Do

The operatives at GOCO Services were contacted by a client based in Milton Keynes, who were in need of assistance to resolve their problem with cut edge corrosion. With time, the cut edge on their roofing system had started to peel back on both the laps and at the ends of the sheets. This meant that without adequate protection, the edges would be exposed to oxygen and moisture, eventually causing the system to begin rusting.

Cut edge corrosion is an issue that is incredibly common on commercial properties and can happen on both the roofing system and cladding panels. It is caused when roof sheets are cut down to size during the installation process, which removes the upper protective layer, leaving the edges exposed to all manner of conditions. Unless the edges are recoated, it becomes inevitable that they will start to rust. Unfortunately, this is an issue that is tricky to stop from spreading and can cause all manner of damage to roofing systems from leaking to in the worst-case scenario, structural issues.

Preparation & Project Scope

To ensure that the GOCO Services operatives could determine the best-suited solution to treat the cut edge, an initial site survey was imperative. During the assessment, the site was measured, which concluded that this would be a large-scale project as the building had approximately 500 metres of cut edge corrosion which needed to be resolved. Due to the scale of this job, along with the size of the premises, a HAKI staircase (scaffolding) would be required to ensure that all operatives could safely access the roof. This would be accompanied by scissor lifts which would be on standby in the event of an emergency.

Once the client was happy with our plan of action, we could then commence with the project. With every job, preparation is critical, so to begin the repairs, we ensured that all of the roofing laps and overlaps were thoroughly cleaned. We then moved onto reapplying the protective coating on the sheets, which in this instance, was completed using the Giromax Girosil Edge system. The Giromax Girosil Edge system was explicitly chosen due to its high-performance portfolio and ability to provide long-term protection. It is also entirely resistant to UV, weather and temperature damage, which made it the ideal solution for this client.

To ensure complete precision, the coating was hand-painted into both the laps and the end of the sheets. It took four months for the entire project to be completed, and the client now has peace of mind with the Giromax Girosil Edge systems 15-year manufacture guarantee.

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Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

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Much like any other project, the GOCO Services team worked hard to ensure that the client was thrilled with their results. Take a browse through some of the photos taken throughout this project.

Client Feedback

"We couldn’t be happier with our overall experience with GOCO Services. From start to finish, the team were fantastic and worked hard to make sure that they carried out every stage of the project to the highest standard. We would most definitely use this company again in the future!"