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The Initial Stages

While often left unconsidered, guttering is one of the key components of any building, responsible for ensuring that water can be diverted away from the property, preventing flooding and corrosion. However, with age, systems can begin to show signs of wear and tear, meaning that they no longer serve their full purpose. This was the problem that our most recent client, based in Milton Keynes, was experiencing. Due to the deterioration of their guttering, the system needed professional assistance, so they contacted GOCO Services to carry out repairs.

As always, before beginning any repair work, the client was booked in for a site survey with our operatives to assess the damage and determine the most effective route. During the visit, the site was also measured, which concluded that 700m of guttering would need to be treated. The size of the building also meant that our operatives would need to use scaffolding accompanied by a Hacky staircase to access the guttering system safely.

The Project Scope

Once all of the access points had been installed, and our operatives were kitted out with harnesses, the project could begin. To prepare all surfaces for repairs, the gutters were cleaned using 3000psi jet washers, which will ensure that all dirt, dust and debris was removed. This was a vital step as the chosen solution for the project was a liquid coating, so the surface needed to be free from any loose particles before application.

After cleaning the guttering, our operatives could then move into repairing the system by first applying Girosil Mastice to the joints before recoating. As mentioned above, a liquid coating was the chosen route, which was the Giromax Girosil RC-G. The Girosil RC-G is designed to enhance the protection of guttering systems and boasts the ability to extend its overall lifespan. It can be used to resolve all manner of common problems such as leaks and corrosion. We regularly use this product on projects as it comes alongside a host of benefits to our clients. Not only is the coating resistant to temperature changes and UV exposure, but it is also super flexible, allowing our operatives to achieve a seamless finish. Moreover, all projects completed using Giromax are signed off with a 15-year guarantee for peace of mind.

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Guttering Treatment Using Girosil RC-G

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Client Feedback

"We’re really impressed by the service that we received from the team at GOCO and would definitely recommend them to fellow property owners. From start to finish, the team worked hard to make sure that all of our needs were met and worked around our schedule. The results are fantastic; we couldn’t have asked for more from them! "