Is Your Guttering System Causing Problems?

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The Site Survey

While often left unconsidered, the guttering systems play a pivotal role in all buildings, but particularly commercial premises. With properties designed for business use significantly larger than their domestic alternatives, the gutters are vital in preventing common issues such as erosion and flooding. However, due to the constant use of guttering, they can become damaged with age, which is exactly what happened to this client.

After noticing that the gutter was no longer draining adequately, the client contacted the team at GOCO Services to assess the problem at hand. During the site survey, it became clear that the gutters had become blocked due to the winter weather conditions, which was the main cause of the damage. To make matters worse, the system had been through years of use, which means that it had also accumulated its fair share of wear and tear. Together, this resulted in the gutter no longer being watertight, risking a host of damage to the building.

The Project Scope

To begin the project, it was essential that the area was clean and free from any debris. As mentioned above, the system was filled with dirt, moss and old leaves that built-up over the colder months, so before any repairs could take place, these needed to be removed. We then used a jet washer to create a clean surface that products could be applied to.

To repair the damaged gutter, we opted for using the Plygene® Gutterline System by HD Sharmans. The system is explicitly designed to restore gutters, which means that it remains a more cost-effective solution to full replacement without compromising on reliability. It has been custom-made to withstand the environment surrounding guttering and manufactured using a thermoplastic blend for guaranteed durability. Our operatives chose to accompany the Plygene liner with a mastic tape, which would successfully seal the system and provide a watertight surface.

As we are specialists in the use of HD Sharmans, we are able to provide all projects using their products with a 20-year guarantee. This ensures that clients have peace of mind that, should in the unlikely event of future damage, they are covered by our team for any repairs.

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Gutter Restoration Using HD Sharmans

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Client Feedback

"A huge thank you to the team at GOCO Services for all of their hard work. From start to finish, they were friendly, professional and reliable, ensuring that all work was booked for a time that best suited us. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for quality gutter repairs!"