Is Your Roofing System Severely Damaged?

The GOCO Services team can help repair and replace roofing systems with high-quality materials and professional installation.

The Site Survey

The roofing system on any property is a significant part of health and safety, without a fully functioning system and high-quality materials, the property could experience leaking, warping and mould growth. All of these symptoms can cause catastrophic damage to the property in the future, as well as health issues for those inside the property. Cracking in roof systems is mainly caused by poor installation or old age, as the felt begins to bubble as rain water seeps into the seams and slowly cracks over time.

Due to the damage that had been caused, the GOCO Services team needed to complete a full site survey to ensure that the services provided would resolve the issue, and that the repairs provided the client with a long-lasting solution. For this reason, the team completed a risk assessment and method statements, along with a full health and safety inspection. Through these inspections, the team were able to identify any issues that may possibly arise during the project, allowing us to find solutions to overcome these hurdles.

The Project Scope

To complete this project, a team of four men needed access to the roof while ensuring that they kept a safe distance over the course of three weeks. Once the existing roofing system was safely removed, the team then carefully applied a single-ply. A single-ply is a flat, synthetic polymer which is most commonly found on roofing systems; the material is extremely long-lasting and waterproof. The waterproof properties of single-ply provide protection for years to come, and reduces the risks of bubbling, warping or cracking reoccurring.

When applying the roofing system, it was vital that the team made sure the seams were secure and water-tight, as this would ensure that no water would be able to travel under the system. If water were to enter the material, then it could cause damage to the roofing system as well as the interior of the property. As you can see from the before and after photos below, the team did an excellent job at installing the new felt system, and the property looks completely transformed with its new long-life protection.

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Project Gallery Pictures

Take a closer look at the final result of this project.

Client Feedback

"GOCO were impressive from start to finish. We pressured the team to get the project done in a time-critical manner, and GOCO delivered to this need and completed it to our timescales. We are pleased with the results and quality of work."