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The Site Survey

As the lockdown begins to ease, and businesses start to return to work, we have found that many clients have contacted us to schedule cleaning services. Throughout the quarantine period where no one has been on site, commercial properties have started to look a little worse for wear. Weeks worth of dust, dirt and grime has accumulated down to the ever-changing weather conditions, which means that building cleaning becomes an essential aspect of ensuring that the site meets strict cleanliness standards.

Our most recent client was no different and contacted GOCO Services to book in for cladding cleaning. As always, we scheduled a site survey ahead of the project date to assess the area and create a plan of action. A site survey is a pivotal step in any project; however, it is even more important in the current climate to ensure that government guidelines can strictly be adhered to. During the survey, we were able to put together a site report, which included the scope of the project and was then provided to the client so that they knew what to expect. The survey also concluded that the cladding cleaning would require two operatives from the GOCO Services team.

The Project Scope

As the entire building needed to be thoroughly cleaned, it was imperative that our operatives adequately prepared the site for the task at hand. To ensure there were no health and safety risks to those on site, safety tape and cones were used in all working areas. We also opted for using a cherry picker and aluminium tower, which enabled our operatives to reach every contour of the property, ensuring that the results were immaculate.

To clean the cladding, a jet washer was used to maximise results and allow the task to be completed as quickly as possible to minimise downtime. In using a jet washer, the client can have peace of mind that all dirt and mould growth can be removed from the panels, preventing the sheets from beginning to rust and corrode over time.

All in all, it took a total of three days to clean all cladding on the property, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Our team worked hard to ensure that work was completed to a high standard while sticking to strict COVID-19 guidelines.

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Take a look at the results from our cladding cleaning project.

Client Feedback

"The guys on site were great, really got stuck in and got the job done with zero fuss. Thanks again, it’s a huge improvement! "