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The Site Survey

As one of the most important aspects of any commercial property, the roofing system goes through its fair share of wear and tear. The combination of adverse weather conditions and ageing materials means that over time, sheets can begin to deteriorate. This was a problem that our most recent client, based in Weybridge, was experiencing. A small area of their metal roofing system had started to become worn, which meant that not only did it look unappealing, but if left unsolved, it would begin to cause problems. With this in mind, they contacted the team at GOCO Services to recoat the area.

During the client’s site survey, we assessed the area and concluded that the project would require both a cherry picker and scissor lift. Luckily, our operatives are IPAF certified, which means that they are qualified in the safe use of powered access equipment. As the job covered a small percentage of the roofing, we also decided that only two team members would be needed to complete the job.

The Project Scope

When we arrived on the site, we started by setting up all of the access equipment required to complete the project. This included not only the cherry picker but also a man anchor system and inertia reel, which were attached to the roof for the duration of the refurbishment. Together, these provided our team with safe access to the top of the building.

Before we could begin to reapply a new system, we started by preparing the surface, which involved cleaning off any existing paint. This allowed all contaminants to be removed from the roofing system, creating a smooth surface that would guarantee a seamless finish. Once the roof sheets were clean, we moved onto applying the new coating. In this instance, we opted for the Giromax RC coating. Giromax RC is explicitly designed for metal roofing and cladding, able to provide complete UV resistance and protection against deterioration. It also cleverly repels water, which means that there is no risk of leaking or moisture building up on the roofing. Most importantly, this product boasts rust prevention and protection, preserving the metal sheets and allowing them to remain reliable for years to come.

Overall, the project took three days to complete, and the client now has peace of mind that their property is protected, thanks to our 15-year guarantee.

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Client Feedback

"So impressed with our overall experience with GOCO. The team were so helpful throughout, giving us lots of information on the steps they were taking to finish the project. The new coating has made a massive difference, thanks guys!"