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The Site Survey

While we continue to work our way through these uncertain times, we thought we would take a look back at a project that we completed pre-COVID. A client had contacted the GOCO Services team with regards to a building renovation, which would modernise the appearance of their premises and guarantee a positive first impression.

Much like any other project completed by our team, we started by travelling to Bournemouth for a full site survey with the client. This enabled our operatives to assess the condition of the existing panels and discuss what the client would like to achieve from their new installation. From here, we were then able to advise the best route to maximise results, which would be new composite Kingspan panels, accompanied by a twin skin system. We also put in place several safety measures, which included a full RAMS and method statement, along with health and safety procedures.

The Project Scope

After completing the site survey and implementing all safety procedures, it was time to begin the first steps of the installation. As this project involved a complete building renovation, it required a team of ten GOCO Services operatives; all of which were highly trained to perform the job at hand. They also made use of a scissor lift, which enabled them to reach the highest points on the property without posing any dangers to health and safety.

Our operatives installed both composite Kingspan panels, along with a twin skin system, both of which boast a number of benefits. The composite Kingspan panels, in particular, are popular for their ability to improve insulation significantly. They also offer exceptionally high performance which, in return, allows the panels to provide protection against fire and adverse weather conditions. The twin skin system, on the other hand, can be used on both wall profiles and roofing, and is designed using coated steel sheets to further reduce heat transfer. Through combining these two reputable systems, the client is now able to maximise the insulative properties of their building and therefore, lower energy bills and their businesses carbon footprint.

The full project took just eight weeks to close off, and on completion of the installation, the client was provided with a guarantee to cover any potential future work.

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Double Installation Project

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What Our Clients Have To Say

"We are so pleased with the results from our project with GOCO. The team were fantastic throughout and worked hard to transform our property within the given timeframe. We’ve even got them in for some extra work on a later date so can’t wait to work with them again!"