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The Site Survey

The client had contacted GOCO Services through Google after researching contractors and concluding that our team were perfect for the job at hand. Having had years of experience in providing high quality and expert gutter repair and cleaning services, our team has not only the knowledge but also the accreditations and certifications required to complete a thorough job.

After speaking with the client about the issues that they were experiencing, the GOCO Services team arrived on site to complete a site survey, including an inspection of the area and noting down any hazards or hurdles that the team will need to overcome. Through this, the team is able to plan the project to maintain safety while providing a high-quality service. This site survey also highlights any issues that the client may need to repair before work can be completed and provides them with an outline of what to expect with timeframes and potential site closures.

The Project Scope

The project at hand was fairly straightforward, and the team were not required to take extra measures before the layer of Plygene coating could be applied to the gutter system. The area was thoroughly cleaned to ensure that there was no debris or dirt lingering on the surface. Once this had been completed, two men from our team applied a HD Sharman Plygene Gutter lining, which was carried out over the course of two days.

The HD Sharman Plygene Gutter lining provides the client with an alternative to a full gutter replacement, which can prove costly. Instead, the lining provides a waterproof coating and a 25-year guarantee, protecting the gutter system for many years to come. This is particularly useful for properties in the UK, as we experience significant downfall which can negatively impact our gutters. The lining protects your property from damage, minimising the likelihood of expensive repairs.

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Take a look at our HD Sharman Plygene Gutter lining in action.

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"After researching for a really long time, we thought the GOCO Services were perfect for what we needed. We couldn’t be happier with our decision and thank the team for their swift and meticulous service."