Reputable Construction Repairs

GOCO Services recognises that it is imperative for all buildings to be in pristine condition before being introduced to the public. However, in some cases, damage can occur during the construction process, which while it can be incredibly frustrating, must be resolved before opening. With this in mind, GOCO Services provides comprehensive construction repairs, from roofing to cladding panels, to ensure that all damage has been rectified while working on your schedule.

Spraying For Construction Clients

GOCO Services specialises in a vast range of application methods including airless, electrostatic, powder and liquid coatings. This enables teams to tailor their techniques to suit the type of commercial building in question. Just some of the different properties that can be transformed through spraying include:

  • Apartment Blocks
  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Office Buildings
  • Leisure & Sports Centres
  • Retail Parks

Construction Cleaning Contracts

Keeping your commercial premises in immaculate condition is vital in encouraging a positive first impression. With this in mind, GOCO Services provides tailored cleaning contracts which means that experts can visit your site on a regular basis to carry out maintenance tasks.

Benefits Of Maintenance Packages

For clients who hope to outsource all of their onsite maintenance, GOCO Services are on hand to provide bespoke packages to meet your building specifications. Whether it may be cleaning the exterior of the property or carrying our repairs, teams have you covered.

  • Identify Issues Before They Worsen
  • Build A Positive Brand Reputation
  • Meet The Safety Regulations
  • Save Money On Repairs

Our past client testimonials

What Our Clients Have To Say

"We were just a few days from reopening our new leisure centre and noticed visible damage on the rear fire doors, which must have happened whilst they were being installed. After using GOCO in the past, we called them on the off-chance that they would be free to visit for repairs. The team were so helpful and completed the repairs to an amazingly high standard. A huge thank you for helping us out so last minute!"