What Is Airless Spraying?

Airless spraying involves the use of highly pressurised air to produce a fine spray paint. Inside of airless spraying equipment is a compressor, which creates a fast-moving liquid stream, used to generate enough energy to overcome the paints viscosity and surface tension. This enables the liquid to be forced through the nozzle at a high-pressure, creating a consistent stream of paint; therefore, achieving a seamless surface finish.

Benefits Of Airless Spraying

Opting for the airless spraying method remains incredibly popular amongst GOCO Services operatives due to its simplicity without compromising on quality. More benefits of airless spraying include the following:

Quick & Easy

Due to the nature of airless spraying, the application process is considerably more straightforward and faster than the methods alternatives. In fact, using airless spraying is up to four times quicker than using a brush or roller. This means that, when completing cladding coatings, GOCO Services will not need to spend much time on your site, preventing distribution to daily operations.

Seamless Finish

When using an airless sprayer, minimal effort is required to achieve an even coating on the surface. This means that the final appearance will be seamless and of the highest quality. Even the most tedious of contours can be sprayed with a think, even coating to maximise longevity.

Complete Flexibility

Not only is airless spraying ideal for applying a coating in all manner of environment types, but it can also be used to restore a vast range of materials. Large areas can be sprayed in little time, and there is no need to apply several coats as one will provide the adequate coating thickness.