How Does Electro Static Spraying Work?

The equipment used for electro static spraying is equipped with an electrode nozzle, allowing the paint to be atomised before being released. When the sprayer is filled with paint, it combines with air which when passed through the nozzle, produces electron-induced droplets. As the nature of electro static spraying means that the droplets will be negatively charged, the application method is ideal for achieving a strong bond between the paint and surface in question. This allows every crevice of, for instance, cladding or facades, to be coated with no patches or missing areas.

Why Choose Electro Static Spraying?

GOCO Services opts for utilising electro static spraying as the properties of the application method means that projects can be completed quickly with minimal mess. It is an incredibly convenient technique that comes alongside a wealth of benefits, including the following:

Immaculate Results

As all of the droplets of paint produced from electro static spraying are released with a charge, they stick directly to the surface, meaning that there will be minimal overspray. There will be no need to worry about splatters or drips, allowing results to be seamless without any surrounding mess.

Quick Drying Time

When using electro static spraying equipment, it will only take as little as a few hours for the paint to dry. This means that disruption to the daily operations of your business can be kept at a minimum, and there will be no need to close. GOCO Services will always strive to schedule work around your operating hours.

Hygienic Surfaces

Paint that has been applied to, for example, a cladding panel or facade, using electro static spraying creates a non-porous surface. In minimising the number of crevices on a material, the growth of bacteria, dirt and germs can be prevented, creating a hygienic property.