Why Use Liquid Coatings?

Combining resins with both solvent and water-based carriers, liquid coatings can be used to respray all manner of materials. This blend of components means that liquid coatings boast better control when being sprayed onto a surface, providing instant adhesion and quick curing time. One of the most sought-after advantages of liquid coatings is that they are incredibly versatile, meaning that they can be tailored to complement your commercial property with a range of finishes available. This makes them ideal for use on a variety of surfaces, such as:

  • Roofing Systems
  • Cladding Panels
  • Curtain Walling
  • Exterior Facades

Reap The Benefits Of Liquid Coatings

Liquid coatings remain one of the most popular methods of refurbishing a commercial property due to the host of benefits that the application technique produces. When enlisting GOCO Services to apply a liquid coating, clients can take advantage of the following:

Smooth Surface

As a commercial property owner, first impressions are imperative. In opting for liquid coatings, clients can have peace of mind that every surface coated will have a seamless appearance. Coatings dry completely smooth to the surface without any texture, preventing the common ‘orange peel’ issue.

Range Of Colours

When opting for respraying your premises with GOCO Services, operatives will always strive to colour-match coatings with your existing panels. The versatility of liquid coatings means that there are a plethora of shades available, allowing full customisation of your project.

Efficient Technique

As liquid coatings are ideal for creating a thinner coating of paint without compromising on quality, they remain an efficient way to restore the appearance of your commercial property. Wet coatings can be applied to the surface with great precision, reducing the amount of waste.