Transform Your Property With Powder Coated Metal

Powder coating involves the process of spraying a durable plastic layer to a metal surface using a combination of air and an electrical charge. The pigment itself is a dry, free-flowing powder which once applied, must be cured under heat to bond to the metal. Due to the use of intense heat to set the powder coated metal, a robust protective layer is formed, which is resistant to all manner of damage and deterioration. This means that there will be no need to worry about common causes of cosmetic damage such as scratches, chipping and corrosion.

Qualities Of Powder Coatings

Ideal for incorporating a decorative finish to your commercial property, powder coatings remain one of the most popular methods of restoring the appearance of a building. When opting for applying a powder coating with GOCO Services, clients will be rewarded with the following beneficial qualities:

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other methods, powder coatings are designed with no solvents or chemicals, which means that it remains one of the most environmentally friendly application techniques. Although GOCO Services operatives will always wear full protective equipment during the application, clients can be assured that no toxins will be released into the atmosphere.

Low Maintenance

Once powder coatings have been applied, they most definitely stand the test of time. To keep surfaces in immaculate condition, all that will be required is for the metal to be wiped down when it begins to appear dirty using soapy water. The finish of the coating is not only resistant against scratching, but also corrosion meaning little maintenance is required.

High-Quality Finish

Much like all of the application methods used by GOCO Services, powder coatings are ideal for respraying a property quickly without compromising on quality. All surfaces will be coated in an even, seamless layer – even the smallest of contours in, for example, roofing systems will be covered. There is also no risk of running or dripping during application.