Cost-Effective Refurbishment Solution

The installation process of overcladding involves fixing new sheets of either metal or plastic over the existing roof. In many cases, GOCO Services will also replace industrial roof lights to maximise the amount of daylight which streams into the building. The new overcladding system will fully encapsulate the existing roof, which will provide a waterproof solution without the cost or inconvenience of removing the original system. Moreover, since a second layer of cladding will be installed to the roof, clients can enjoy maximised insulation, enabling the property to become more energy-efficient; therefore, lowering their carbon footprint.

Before scheduling overcladding, GOCO Services will always book an initial site survey, which will enable teams to assess the condition of the current system to then design a bespoke solution. All projects will be completed based on the client’s schedule, ensuring that each step meets strict deadlines to ensure that disruption to day-to-day operations is kept at a minimum. 

Why Choose GOCO Services?

GOCO Services is proud to have built up an exceptional reputation amongst both clients and industry professionals, ensuring that every project is completed to the highest standard attainable. As a family-run business, all team members are committed to building strong working relationships with clients, providing ongoing support even after a project has been completed. Whether they require a regular maintenance contract or one-off repairs in the future, GOCO Services will always be on hand to provide services that meet all requirements.

40+ Years Of Experience

With a combined experience of more than 40 years, GOCO Services aligns extensive knowledge with refined techniques to provide an outstanding level of service.

Multi Traded Experts

GOCO Services is dedicated to providing clients with the ultimate ‘all in one’ solution to keep their commercial property in immaculate condition, which is why a vast selection of services are available. 

No Outsourced Work

Clients can have peace of mind that, when enlisting the expertise of GOCO Services, absolutely no work will be outsourced. Highly-skilled, in-house professionals will complete each step of the project. 

Our past client testimonials

What Our Clients Have To Say

"We could definitely recommend GOCO to anyone looking for a reliable company who provides affordable services without compromising on quality. They were able to fix our roofing in record time, meaning that we didn’t have to close and lose out on any business. The team were so friendly, exceeding all of our expectations!"