Tailored Building Renovation Packages

Having worked in the industry for many years, GOCO Services recognises that organising the end of tenancy repairs can be somewhat stressful, which is why teams are on hand to provide comprehensive support. Upon initial contact with GOCO Services, a site survey will be scheduled, which will enable both the client and surveyor to get an idea of the scale of work required. In some cases, it may be as simple as a few minor repairs, and in others, a full building renovation will be necessary.

Once all information has been gathered, a package can then be devised which will include all of the refurbishment work required, along with timeframes and deadlines. GOCO Services will always work hard to provide a solution with a quick turnaround and has a team of in-house experts available to complete a diverse range of repairs and restorations. This ensures that all dilapidation tasks are completed on time, meaning that business owners can move out of their current premises without any obstacles.

Our past client testimonials

What Our Clients Have To Say

"Having never moved out of an office building before, we had no experience in handling dilapidations. A friend, who is also a business owner, recommended that we called GOCO and asked for advice. From the beginning, they were so helpful and made us feel at ease with the process. Of course, we trusted them to take care of the process, and it was definitely the right decision. We wouldn’t hesitate to use GOCO again in the future!"