Leading Giromax Products

Having been established since 1996, Giromax is committed to providing those in the construction industry with quality products and ongoing support. Their products offer not only high-performance qualities, but they also have a proven track record for guaranteed reliability. When enlisting the expertise of GOCO Services, Giromax products will be used to complete the following:

Benefits Of Giromax Coatings

All products available from Giromax have been refined to maximise results meaning that they come alongside an exceptional property profile. Just some of the many benefits of using Giromax coatings on your commercial property include:

  • Fast, One Coat Application
  • Tolerant Against Moisture
  • Resistant To Bird Attacks
  • Up To 20 Year Guarantee
  • Cost-Effective Alternative To Replacement
  • Trialled, Tested & Proven Products
  • Can Be Applied In All Conditions