Felt Flat Roof Maintenance Contracts

Opting for installing roofing felt comes alongside a wealth of benefits to any commercial premises. Not only does bituminous felt remain resistant against the ever-changing British weather conditions, but it also provides exceptional durability and versatility properties. To ensure that buildings can continue to take advantage of the features of their system, felt flat roof maintenance remains imperative.

Regular health checks carried out by trained professionals will ensure that buildings can avoid expensive repair fees in the future and prolong the longevity of their roofing. Key tasks such as checking for seasonal damage and clearing debris will all be factored into your maintenance contract with GOCO Services, keeping your system free from damage.

Expert Felt Flat Roof Refurbishment

When opting for felt flat roof refurbishment, GOCO Services will complete all stages of the project following a streamlined process to maximise results. This includes the following steps:


Step One

First, an inspection will be scheduled in where a GOCO Services representative will visit the client’s site to assess the condition of their current system. Following on from the inspection, a new roofing system will be designed and tailor-made to the building. A number of options are available, each of which comes alongside a guarantee.


Step Two

Typically, the existing felt or roof covering is removed. However, in other instances, when the current covering can be restored, this will merely need to be prepared for refurbishment.


Step Three

Next, teams will install a new, built-up felting system with a mineral finish to totally encapsulate the roof area. This can be either a single-layer or multi-layer felt system and can be hot or cold applied based on client requirements. All felting systems have a BBA certification and are NFRC approved.

Flat Roofing Types

Having provided flat roof repairs and replacement for many years, the team at GOCO Services are well-versed in a range of roofing types. When enlisting the support of professionals, clients are free to choose between three roofing options, these are:

Our past client testimonials

What Our Clients Have To Say

"A huge thank you to GOCO for all of their help repairing our roofing system! After a bad winter with a constant change in temperature, we started to notice that the felt was cracking. Initially, we worried that we might have to pay out for a full replacement, but after chatting to the team at GOCO, they were able to arrange repairs instead. This meant the project was much quicker and less expensive than we had expected, so we were so pleased with the results!"